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Your child’s eyes are more than “the windows of the soul.” From birth, babies use their eyes to collect and process information about the world around them.

Research has shown that visual stimulation is an important step in their development. As children grow, good vision is crucial – from toddlers recognizing shapes and colors to grade schoolers learning to read. Your child’s vision care is of critical concern.

The Glasses Menagerie shares your concern.

Comprehensive Child Eye Care in Uptown Minneapolis

During their growing years, children’s eyes change constantly. Their eye care differs from that of adults. Our specialists provide appropriate treatment and therapy, contact lenses and eyeglass prescriptions, with special care and respect for your child.

Widest Selection of Kid’s Eyeglasses in Minneapolis

Additionally, The Glasses Menagerie has the most extensive selection of eyeglasses in Minneapolis for children. There are hundreds of frames to choose from, including designer, popular character frames, and classics, in a wide range to fit fit any budget.

The frames are designed with children in mind – they’re not just tiny versions of adult frames. They’re stylish, rugged, well-constructed and durable.

Give your child the benefit of a thorough eye exam by specialist pediatric eye doctors in Minneapolis. The Glasses Menagerie is the place to go for eyecare for kids.

  • Professional vision care
  • Vision therapy
  • Corrective lenses prescribed
  • Complete selection of frames at affordable prices
  • High-quality, accurate lens fabrication
  • Comfortable surroundings for kids
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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